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Industry Expertise

General Technology

The future is now with app enabled and other technologies disrupting how we live, how we transact and how we move toward the future. If you disrupt or are interested in disrupting, we are interested in your business.


What do you make ? We want you to tell us.

Sports Technology

Everyone loves sports. Competition. The drive to be victorious. ILA Global has a great interest in companies working in the field of sports.

Medical Technology & Medical Devices

Where innovation meets human health and longevity, bringing about wellness and enhanced longevity.

Records Management & Storage

Businesses that store legal documents or other items.

Investigation & Law Enforcement

Technology and other services constantly evolve the way investigation services are delivered and how law enforcement operates.

Food Industry

All human beings eat to live and many live to eat. We love businesses in the food industry and technology in food.

Legal Technology

The legal industry is rapidly evolving and we are interested in any companies with services or technology aimed at creating efficiencies in the legal industry.


With the Headquarters of ILA Global in Huntington Beach, its a perfect fit for us to be working with companies providing services to Aerospace.